Our Admissions procedure is managed by Suffolk Local Authority. Families apply for places, using the Common Application Form (paper copy or on-line; see link below) to the Local Authority. Families automatically receive this form and are advised on deadlines for admission etc.
The school’s PAN (published number to admit) is 11 and since 2008 there has been no catchment guarantee. In practice, priority for the 11 places is given to siblings and children living within the catchment area, providing an application is submitted by the deadline date. Over-subscription and out-of catchment applications trigger the following criteria:

  • available spaces, within the PAN of 11.
  • the naming of this school on a Statement of Educational Needs.
  • a disability, medical or other special need which would be best addressed by admission to this school
  • distance from the pupil’s home address to the school, as the crow flies.

The Local Authority may also place children at Helmingham, when there are no spaces available at that child’s nearest school. Mid-year admissions of pupils who have moved into the area, and who may be in year groups other than Reception, are also managed by the local authority.
Where an application is unsuccessful, an appeal procedure is available.

From September 2011 parents can choose for their child to be admitted to school, either full time or part time, the year in which they will be 5 years old. We recognise that starting school is ‘a big step’ for children and their parents; the transition is supported with opportunities for half -day visits for the children in the term preceding admission and the opportunity for parents to meet with staff.

Visits to the school, prior to making an application, are welcomed; please make an appointment via the School Office, when the Headteacher will be delighted to show you and your child around the school.

Further information can be found on the Suffolk County Council admissions website.